Frequent asked questions:


Woody plants:

Coniferous - through winter, when is lack of fall of rain we water  - is danger of wither. Hedge we prick up in spring, we are work-shy high temperatures periods. In other way we eliminate only hindered and sick parts.

Non-deciduous - We care about it similarly as about coniferous woods.

Deciduous - We cut it as coniferous, in other way we leave it practical without care.

Fruit tree species  - We prune it according species, the most frequent in  growing season quit period. By one of them is necessary keep up.

Special conditions - for example at peaches.

Concrete care depend on individual vegetables and its posts.



Sowing is optimal from April to may or from second part of august to fin of September into planed good prepared ground. We are watering it adequate and we additional fertilise, cut and remove moss periodical. Species of lawn we choose according characteristics, which will be the most corresponded to presupposed burden.


Exotic flowers:

Mostly we grow them as indoor plants. Outdoor amenity planting have influence on growing individual species. Plants originate from colder countries are higher grow, from warmer areas are smaller and often they must be keeping in special conditions. Usually we not expect the fruits, because they not have optimal living conditions.


Sustainable plants:

We use them often into strip plantings - as a hedge, plant carpets of individual species or of more species or for individual growing.


Annual plants:


They grow up, give up and perish during one year, usually they are used as a balcony flowers or into park growing.



The best period for filling up nutrients on the beginning of the growing season, the latest time to September. the later fertilization endangered successful spending the winter of plants..


At the beginning

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