The projects of gardens according to needs of holder with regard to security of small children and afflicted persons.

Reconstructions of gardens and other green areas in accordance with their natural environment.

Planting of greens which we ensure alone and in cooperation with customer too.

Maintenance of gardens and public greens all year round.

 We supply plants for your garden.

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Design of Gardens:

We project and realize gardens:


Amenity planting which we ensure alone and in cooperation with customer.


We projects gardens according to needs of holder with regard to security of small children and afflicted persons.


We reconstruct gardens and other green areas in harmony with natural environment.


We make maintain of gardens and public areas.


We found grass plots. We get grass carpets and prepare and sow areas, clean, preventive aerate, collect old foliage, we remove old plants, fertilize and preventively we tend crop from pests and illness of lawns


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Complementary Constructions:

We construct small constructions from timber and from stones and small water constructions.


We project and realize pavements, stairs little walls, pergolas, secluded spot, 

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small lakes including little reservoir with fishes suitable for bathing, waterfalls and other constructing complements.


 We work with wood and stone and other materials according to demand of customer.


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Interior Flowers:

We choose interior flowers according to look of interior, warm and luminous environment of interior.


 We make fertilization, transplanting, propagation interior flowers.


We construct natural and dry structures.



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Landscape Architecture:


We project and plant public green areas including of ensuring of needed plants.

We carry on field arrangements.



We are planting of trees both fruit and ornamental, we are sowing of grass,



we are take care all year round maintenance of plantation, pruning of woody plants and hedges.


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